Our Family

our first date - April 2001
My husband, Wes, and I met in college and got to know each other through campus ministries, intramural sports, and hanging out with mutual friends. We had our first date towards the end of our sophomore year and dated for over four years before getting married in the fall of 2005. His job in public service means strange hours and sometimes working weekends with weekdays at home. One benefit to homeschooling will be getting to spend more time all together as a family, instead of passing each other quickly in between differing schedules.


six and a half in 2016
The LORD blessed us with Leila in July 2009 and though it took her a little while to decide she liked smiling at anyone other than her daddy, she is now a supremely joyful little girl who is quickly turning into a joyful young lady. She is quick to share and compassionate, and she loves making cards and homemade gifts for her friends. Leila's favorite thing to do is Irish Dance and a benefit to homeschooling is that she will have more time to devote to this growing talent!


five-years-old in 2016
Literally days after Wes and I decided we would wait another year before trying to have another child, a friend convinced me to take a pregnancy test while I was hanging out at her house with a not-quite-one-year-old Leila and the LORD surprised me with a plus sign indicating Cameron would be joining our household in March 2011. True to his surprising start, Cameron is developing into a little entertainer who loves to make people laugh. He also loves to draw and goes through a ream of paper a week. One benefit to homeschooling will be more time to work with his hands using manipulatives and building with blocks and Legos! 

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